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Alumni – Good Shepherd Services

We always want to hear from our Alumni and to find out how you’re doing.  Good Shepherd Services has an annual Alumni Reunion on the fourth Sunday in April each year.  We send invitations to all the alumni on our mailing list – but what if you’ve moved?  Please keep us informed of your current address!  In addition to the annual reunion, alumni may arrange to visit at other times by calling in advance.  We regret that tours of the school and residential units are not permitted, because of the need for confidentiality and privacy concerns of our current students.

If you are a former student and would like to visit us on FACEBOOK, click here.  Alumni often want to know what aspects of the program are still the same and what has changed since they were at GSS.  The overall purpose of hasn’t changed at all – to provide adolescents with the structure and support they need to become happy and productive members of society.  Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Good Shepherd Services operated on an open campus system; students could move throughout the courtyard and around the building without encountering locked doors.  During the 90’s, we introduced a few self-contained (locked) units to serve the needs of girls who needed more structure and supervision to stay safe.  As the years went on, more and more of the adolescents referred to GSS had experienced multiple out-of-home placements, serious abuse, trauma and self-injurious behavior prior to admission.  Presently, the whole program is run as a secure residential treatment center.  Because most of our students have more acute emotional and behavioral issues than previously, the size of the staff has increased.  While our age limit used to be 17, we currently work with adolescents through the age of 20. We also now admit boys!

There have been some minor changes in our school program.  We are still an accredited High School with students graduating occasionally, but we now also offer a GED track for some of the older students.  Students are now admitted and discharged throughout the year and not just at the end of school year quarters and semesters.  In fact, Good Shepherd School now operates on a 12-month calendar with three trimesters.

Some things are the same:  we still compete in sports in an Inter-Agency league.  We play league Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer, and we are trying to start a Track Team.  Our sports uniforms are the same – green and gold – but we now have an official GSS Mascot and an electronic scoreboard.  We also have beautiful murals in the gym, on the ramp to the dining room, in the school halls, and in every residence hall.  Check out our Photo Gallery!

We hope to hear from you soon.