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Good Shepherd Services : Admissions And Referrals

Good Shepherd Services is a residential treatment center serving adolescents and families from all over the State of Maryland. To be admitted, a child must be between 13-21 years, and must be in grades 8-12. Residential treatment is a very intensive level of care. In order to be funded for this level of care, documentation from treatment professionals must conclude that an adolescent requires a secured 24 hour intensive treatment environment in order to be safe. The final decision for admission is based upon the treatment needs for the applicant and Good Shepherd Services’ ability to meet those needs. The Director of Admissions is available to talk with families or agencies about potential applicants.

  • Adolescents between the ages of 13 through 21; adolescents who will be 13 within a few months will be considered, depending on their needs.
  • Adolescents must be severely emotionally disturbed as evidenced by psychiatric referral information, DSM IV diagnosis, and documentation demonstrating their inability to be managed in a less restrictive environment.
  • Adolescents who are specifically referred for sexual predatory behavior are not considered appropriate for this treatment facility.
  • IQ scores are never a deciding factor for acceptance/rejection; GSS does have specific treatment units for children who are cognitively challenged and treats children who carry diagnosis of mild or moderate mental retardation.
  • Good Shepherd Services has a unit specifically designed for adolescents who carry a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Good Shepherd has services of a pediatrician and has nurses in the building around the clock. Adolescents who have significant medical issues requiring medical services beyond the ordinary scope are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Good Shepherd runs a fully approved school program, certified for special education services as well as regular education students. Good Shepherd School can program for both high school diploma and certificate track students. For students having a GED or high school diploma, Good Shepherd School offers online college courses as appropriate and/or vocational training and college prep classes.
  • Families must be willing to participate in treatment when the discharge plan is reunification. While adolescents coming into the program have to be able to speak and understand English, Good Shepherd provides or assists parents in the provision of translation services as necessary.
  • Decisions are never based on race, religion, or national origin.