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Good Shepherd Services : Family Advocacy Services

While students are receiving treatment at Good Shepherd Services we strongly encourage our parents and guardians to actively participate in all aspects of family programming.  Your support and presence gives your child that extra special assistance to be successful. Good Shepherd Services offers daily family contact through visiting and phone calls, weekly meetings with therapists and a variety of planned family activities occurring at least two or three times a month. Click on Visitation_Schedule_and_Guidelines_2015.pdf to download a complete schedule of when you can visit your child.

Click here JULY_2016.pdf for our July calendar of Good Shepherd Services events that feature family cookouts, family dinners, and other fun activities to share with your child.  The calendar also provides dates and times for supportive workshops for our parents that include such topics as dealing with substance abuse, trauma, violent and aggressive behaviors and understanding behavioral health diagnoses. Last but not least, our monthly family meetings also provide you with information about unit routines, school programming and important contacts to assist you with any questions you might have for us. Join us on July 7th for our 2016 Summer Celebration Event 2016_Summer_Celebration.pdf or our 2016 Healthy Food Demonstration 2016_Healthy_Food_Demonstration.pdf on July 19th!

Make sure to RSVP by contacting Teresa Jones at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 410-247-2770, ext. 295. Visit this web page often for more information on this and other upcoming events!


On March 10, 2015 from 6-7:30PM, parents and students were invited to a Meet and Greet delicious spaghetti dinner held in the Sisters’ Dining room. A few of our families were introduced to the following Good Shepherd Services’ staff, Ms. Maggie Vincent, Clinical Director, Ms. Thelma Johnson, Director of Activities, Sr. Mary Carol, Mission Integration Coordinator and Patsy Hatton, Director of Nursing, Mrs. Lauren Greenwald, Executive Director of Clinical Services, Nicole Williams Clinical Operations General Manager, Kristen Rose, Director of Professional Development. Also introduced was some of the therapist from Clinical Services. Each staff introduced themselves, gave a description of their department and provided contact information for their departments.

Families were provided answers to the following questions:

What types of activities are provided?
Students have the opportunity to go to the gym on daily basis as well as specialized activities planned for each unit. Other activities are movie night, Bingo and going to the Y for swimming. Students are selected to participate in Equine Therapy on a weekly basis.

How do I know what activities my child is participating in?
This should be reviewed at ITP’s or you can discuss with your child’s therapist.

How does my child get to see the Doctor?
All students are seen by our pediatrician as soon as they are admitted. Our pediatrician follows up on any concerns brought to her attention by your child, nursing staff or any other staff.

I would like for my child to continue to see his outside Pediatrician. Is that possible?
A Student can continue to see his or her pediatrician in the community. It is important that families inform medical staff of this information so that there is seamless medical treatment while your child is in treatment here at Good Shepherd Services.

When does dental and vision services occur?
Each student is seen within 30 days of admission and every 6 months thereafter.

How do I access medication for home passes?                                                                         
Nurses will provide medication to staff escorting your child to the front or Nursing will come to the front and give it directly to the parent.  Instructions for giving the medication are on the front of the packet.

What do I do with left over medications?                                                                                       
All medications that are NOT taken on home pass are to be returned to the center when your child returns to GSS from their home pass.

What if my child wants to pray with someone?
Each child is provided a Sister who will pray for them and a request can be made by any student who is interested in additional religious instructions.

What other events in the center involve the Sisters?
Each student is introduced to one of the sisters to discuss their religious needs. Students are allowed to attend Mass on Sundays. The Sisters also provide a Birthday meal for each student generally on their actual birthday. Each month a unit also has a special meal with the Sisters.

Find Out About a Day in the Life of a Good Shepherd Student by clicking on: Your_Child_at_Good_Shepherd_Services.pdf. 
View Pictures From Family Meetings You May Have Missed by clicking: WEB_UPDATES_2013.pdf, WEB_UPDATE_JAN-FEB2014.pdf, WEB_UPDATE_MARCH_2014.pdf, web_update_April_2014.pdf Web_Update_November_2015.pdf and WEB_UPDATE_2016.pdf.

For a listing of contact information for Education Staff, click on Good_Shepherd_Education_Contacts_2014.pdf.
For a list of contact information for Therapists and other Clinical Staff, click on Clinical_Services_Dept_Contact_List_-_Admissions_12-14.pdf.

For more information on events, meetings, activities or other related issues, please don’t hesitate to call Ms. Teresa Jones, Director of Family Advocacy Services at 410-247-2770, ext. 295 or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).